Ana Sastre Blanco

Translator from English to Spanish and Spanish Editor and Proof-Reader

What distinguishes a good translation from the best translation? Without a doubt, the difference lies in the human element. It is a combination of textual understanding and knowing the needs of the customer that produce a perfect translation that is adapted to the target audience and captures the essence of the original text.

This is only possible through a professional and dedicated service that takes each job seriously, no matter how small.

When you use a translator, you hope that your message reaches the recipient intact, with all the correct nuances and style, as if it were an original. You also expect professionalism, honesty, punctuality, and reliability. That is exactly what I promise to provide if you trust me.

Without translation, we would inhabit parishes bordering on silence.

— George Steiner


Foto de Ana

I received a degree in English at the University of Valladolid and I completed a Masters in English / Spanish Translation: Specialized Languages ​​from the Institute of Bilingual Terminology and Specialized Translation (ITBYTE) at the University of Valladolid. I then moved to Madrid to work as a translator. In the capital I started working as a translator at a law office translating texts about competence and I started getting my first assignments as a freelance translator.

After almost two decades as a freelance translator working with various Spanish, American and Australian companies, I have specialized in translating medical and pharmaceutical and institutional texts and I love my job.

Translating is like solving a crossword puzzle, with an almost compulsive fascination…

— Martina Heine-Kilic



Proofreading and editing of text translated into Spanish: verification of the terminology used, accuracy of translation, identification and correction of grammatical, typographical and stylistic errors, and improving the overall presentation of text, depending on customer needs.

Translation tools:

TRADOS SDL Studio 2011

Translators are the shadow heroes of literature, the often forgotten instruments that make it possible for different cultures to talk to one another, who have enabled us to understand that we all, from every part of the world, live in one world.

— Paul Auster

Work method

  1. Receipt of text and reference documentation (if any).
  2. Text analysis and cost estimate.
  3. Extraction of client own terminology.
  4. Translation with the proper tools that guarantee accuracy and consistency.
  5. Internal review.
  6. External review.
  7. Delivery of the translated text.
  8. Answer to any queries.

Translation is that which transforms everything so that nothing changes.

— Günter Grass


Ana Sastre has been a joy to work with for the many years she has supported countless of our Spanish projects with her outstanding translation work. Not only is she very detail oriented, timely, and knows how to read instructions (after almost 20 years in the business, I don’t take this point for granted), but she is also very flexible, adapts to new technology, new subject matters, and communicates extremely well.

— Dagmar Dolatschko, President & Founder
Peritus Language Services
a Peritus Precision Translations, Inc. company


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Ana Sastre Blanco
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